The note when sending courier goods you should know

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The note when sending courier goods you should know

The growth of the e-commerce market has made businesses mushrooming and means that there will be competition between businesses to win customers. Not only focusing on price, but also the business needs to provide customers with the best services to enhance the reputation and maintain its position. According to statistics, the fast delivery has a great impact on the decision to buy from customers, so that the courier service is very popular today. However, when sending goods through this service, there are a few points you should keep in mind to send goods smoothly
1. What is express delivery? Difference between courier service and normal delivery
a. Find out information about courier

+ In the current era of technology 4.0, all activities take place quickly and improve convenience than ever before. Demand for people is on the rise, followed by a series of fast delivery services were born. So what is courier service?

Courier shipping is the most popular shipping service nowadays.

+ Express delivery, also known as fast delivery, is the implementation of one or several or all stages of collection, division, transportation and delivery by physical means, information in writing and parcels and packages of goods have a fast time and high reliability.

+ Courier service is different from normal sending service packages which is a short and definite time. Whereas standard delivery, consignment, guaranteed parcel, transit times are much longer, and suppliers seldom give a defined commitment period.

+ Usually, in the information panel on the express delivery will be accompanied by "time commitment". The term in the industry is called "transit time", this is the period of time from when documents, parcels, packages of goods are received until they are delivered to the delivery address.
2. Difference between courier service and normal delivery

The biggest difference between courier service and courier is probably in terms of travel time. The reason customers often choose courier service is because it always leads in the speed of travel with all stages from receiving, processing orders to shipping and home delivery.

The biggest difference between shipping through courier and courier is usually the speed of travel.
While courier services have the advantage of moving speed, courier services are often quite slow. Besides, the delivery may also depend on the post office of the recipient. Delivery goods usually do not have a specific time, if any, they are only predictive.
3. The note when shipping courier you should know

It can be seen that express delivery service has become quite familiar and associated with businesses, especially businesses in the field of e-commerce. When using this service, you should pay attention to some basic things:
a. Packed very carefully

+ Not only for express delivery, you pay attention to the packaging carefully, but regardless of the form of delivery, you must pay attention to the packaging of goods before sending them to customer hand.

+ Doing this not only protects the goods but also the face of the business, it is more important to show respect for the products they sell and the customers.

Should pack goods carefully before sending to customers.

+ For different types of goods, there are separate packaging ways to save time, save materials, as well as make the transportation process easier.

+ Most of you should pack your goods in a box or closed box, if possible, add more layers of tape around to avoid loss, damage during transportation. Goods with fragile properties should be wrapped in foam boxes, cotton inserts or wrapped around cloth.

b. Find out carefully the goods that are prohibited from sending or sending them with conditional delivery

Not all items can be sent via courier, so you should find out, consider your goods are prohibited from sending or not? before sending to customer.

Need to find out if your goods are prohibited from sending or not? before sending to customer.

According to government regulations, the following types of goods are prohibited from being sent:

+ Opium, opiate compounds, narcotic substances, nerve stimulants.

+ Weapons, ammunition, explosives, military equipment.

+ The depraved cultural products, reactionaries, publications and documents aimed at destroying the public order and opposing the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

+ Items, publications, goods banned from import into the receiving countries according to the regulations of each country.

+ Vietnamese currency, foreign money and papers of the same value as money; Types of cards containing money.

+ Letters in the parcel (letters included in the goods), or many letters put together into one letter.

Above are some issues to keep in mind when sending goods via courier. In addition, shipping service companies are now applying software technology in management, customers can be assured of the safety of goods. Thanks to the Movecrop shipper management software application, both customers and shipping units can control the moving process and know the status of their orders.

One of the notable advantages is that the software possesses a friendly interface on all your devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, Iphone / Ipad, ... will help you perform sports. Operate easily and quickly without having to buy additional equipment to support.

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