Some notes when using Courier services

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Some notes when using Courier services

Courier is now an indispensable service in the need of fast delivery.

Wherever you are and any item can move quickly. And being a service is inevitable shortcomings in the implementation process. So my advice to you is to find out before using it.

Currently there are many companies developing courier services. Customers have too many choices to send and receive goods, service quality, transit time and cost are always the top concerns of customers and each has a separate criteria.

If you want to be fast and secure, it will cost more,
If you want to use the service with a cheap price, it will not be safe and the risk of losing goods will be high

When the courier market has diverse needs as well as the form of service provision, it is easy to occur inadequacies.
However, the selection and use of services of any provider is decided by the user.

1-Parcels / parcels sent by courier but to slow, errors not only due to the supplier, missed the plane ... other external factors that the cause from the customer is not less.

2-Not always, your parcel is guaranteed according to the above provisions, in case the recipient address is the agency to leave work on Sunday, it will have to add 01 day when the parcel arrives at the post office. on after business hours on saturday.

3-If the recipient address is an absence from work on Saturdays and Sundays, then it will have to add 2 days when the parcel arrives at the post office delivered after work on Friday.

3-Many parcels / parcels sent from Hanoi to Central take up to 4 days to arrive. The reason is sometimes very simple because the customer sent in the afternoon of Friday, the whole process of the mail takes two more days, Saturday and Sunday are holidays, so the second afternoon will be received.
For example, if you send a letter to Kon Tum, people who send from Hanoi to this location if it is Thursday, Saturday and Sunday can not deliver the letter to the agency. So the parcel had to be located at the post office until Monday to deliver to customers.

4-Because the whole courier process, the mail is calculated by the hour, so when receiving the letter, the teller always recorded very carefully the time of receipt to facilitate tracking and responding to customer complaints.
Therefore, when sending courier services, customers pay special attention to the time of sending, so send it early every morning, your parcel will be delivered faster.

5. When the parcel / parcel sent by the courier is lost or delayed, the customer should complain directly at the place of delivery. Customers should send in the morning every day to ensure that their mail is suitable for the time of mail distribution.

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