3 Note when sending courier to save costs & time

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3 Note when sending courier to save costs & time

To send courier cost-saving as well as time, the sender should note the regulations and policies on sending goods. Once these policies are fully met, it will facilitate better cargo transportation.

Many customers love express delivery because of the speed of delivery. However, besides the default "fast" is the standard of this type of service, the sender themselves also need a combination to shorten the time for both customers and shipping units.

Send the right kind of goods as prescribed

The express delivery service also has rules for the carriage of goods. Accordingly, not all goods can use this service for transportation. Customers should find out what kind of goods that courier sent to avoid to lose time for declaration, inspection, control ... These stages when conducted will cause customers to take an extra unnecessary time. .

Types of goods accepted for express delivery are clearly specified by each carrier in the public shipping policy. Normally, the goods that choose to be sent by express mail are those with small weight, especially the kind of letters, documents, records ...

Update properly and fully relevant information of the recipient and order

Information related to transportation is information about the recipient, the shipper and the goods. The more you update the details, the faster the order will be processed, to avoid wasting time. Especially for goods, when declaring the type, size and standard weight right from the beginning, the courier price will be almost 100% standard.

Avoid cases where customers have declared and then the delivery staff to take place, check and have the wrong order. At this time, the order will be controlled, both time-consuming implementation and increase the costs incurred. Therefore, customers when using the express delivery service should note the information declaration as accurate as possible!

Choose reputable and responsible shipping units

While there are quite a few providers of express delivery services, this service is actually divided into many different categories. You can send a courier to a specialized shipping unit or you can use the service of a distributor. Both types provide services, but in terms of price and time, there will be significant differences.

So, instead of choosing unknown units, no extensive postal network, and having to go through more intermediaries, choose the right shipping unit to use the courier service. as quickly as possible. By choosing the right shipping company, your order will be guaranteed to be delivered on time and save costs with the most accurate freight rates. Besides, during the order process, you can look up the waybill anytime and anywhere through convenient applications to know the status of your order.

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